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Cat Proofing Your Home Top 3 Cat Problems

So your furry bundle of joy likes to get into everything. It's time to cat proof your home not only for the safety of your cat but to prevent any unnecessary aggression and hostility you can bring into play.
That's right you can actually make things worse by constantly yelling or chasing after your cat. So its time for a compromise in the household.
Let's start cat proofing your home. Cat proofing...

Creating a cat garden can bring happiness and longer lives for you and your cat

Can you believe it, the key to happiness is through plant life. Add your feline companion in the mix and you may just achieve the holy grail of happiness.
Research suggests that having plants around you is beneficial to your health and productivity relative to a barren environment. This goes for us humans and our cats. Let's take a look first at some of the benefits before we dive into creating...