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How to Kitten Proof Your Home

One of the good rules of thumb to apply here is to think about having a toddler around, only a toddler in miniature size – mobile, curious but tiny!  This means that you need to consider your home in terms of potential kitty hazards before the kitten gets too old and “into everything”.  Although there is something that you’d have to do to create a safe home for your toddler that aren’t necessary...

Adopting A Kitten

So you want to adopt a kitten or you may be thinking about adopting a kitten. This might be your first time or even your third time adopting. There are many factors you may have never even thought of when it comes to adopting that sweet kitten looking back at you. Here I will break down the questions you should be asking and some fun tidbits to get you on your way.

So you've found the perfect...