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Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball Review With Two Cats

Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball Review

Retails for around 30USD
Basic Information About The Jackson Butterfly Ball
Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball Cat Toy Cats love to chase, and this butterfly ball will keep them on the move. The ball creates satisfying hunt play with its sensor-activated action that sets the butterfly fluttering within the ball when pushed by a stalking cat. It's exercise for your feline friend and great entertainment for you. Good to Know Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)


Our resident cats Maahes The Lynx Point (Age 5) and Pharaoh The Tuxedo (Age 6) as seen in the above video, took to this toy right away. First impressions are very important. This video takes place the moment it was put on the floor. As you can see they were very interested one maybe more so than the other.
BUT, what about the after effects once the newness has faded away. A week later this toy is still a big hit. The butterfly does random move with out them having to touch it which intrigues them even more. When the butterfly flutters its wings it hits the plastic in the bubble making a small sound which drives my cats crazy. It makes them want to get to the butterfly even more. Maahes the Lynx Point loves to sit and watch the ball until he falls asleep where as Pharaoh the Tuxedo loves to attack the ball and bite at the butterfly.
Every time the ball is touched the butterfly goes crazy inside. The movement is extremely lifelike. I can not say how much battery life it does pull because I do randomly turn the ball off at times.
But if you have ever purchased one of those insect cat toys that wiggles across the floor and your cat loved it. This is even better because you do not have to babysit or worry about them choking on the small parts.
It is also great for when you come home after a long day and your cats are attacking you at the door and screaming. Pull this beauty out and it will buy you some time until you can sit down and have some quality time with your fur babies.

Video Features Maahes and Pharaoh of International House Of Cats. 
Video is property of International House Of Cats and may not be used or distributed with out written permission.

This item was personally purchased by IHOC. IHOC has not been compensated for this review and is not affiliated with Petmate Products.

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