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Is Your Cat Bored? How About A Bonding Time Treat Recipe

Do you have a bored kitty on your hands? Sometimes we become so busy in our lives that our furry companion can suffer. Animals tend to suffer more during the summer and holiday seasons due to families becoming increasingly busier. Not spending enough time with your cat or not giving it enough stimulation can result in boredom and even depression. Sometimes cats will even act out to let you know, " Hey remember me!"
The most prominent act is over vocalization and crying to over sleeping. This is typically stage one and can actually escalate into all out destruction of your household. If you ignore the signs your cat may start to urinate outside of its litter box, become aggressive, start to scratch and destroy random objects and even become lethargic.   

The cure, some fun bonding time with your cat. Where do cats love to go? The kitchen! Even if they are not allowed they still want to be where the food is cooking. They can not help themselves. So what better way to cheer up your kitty then to make some awesome cat treats. Your cat will ultimately enjoy the interaction while you cook and imagine your cats surprise when you serve them a plate of homemade treats.


1 cup brown rice
1/2 cup Grits
1 Tablespoon of Catnip
2 Eggs
1 can of Tuna in oil


Mix flour, grits and catnip together. In a separate bowl, whisk eggs gently and then add the tuna. Break up large pieces with a fork. Add flour mixture to tuna mixture (batter will be fairly dry). Line a cooking sheet with parchment paper or foil. With a rubber spatula, press and shape the batter into a rectangle, about a 1/2 inch thick on top of the parchment paper/foil. With a pizza cutter, slowly cut lines into the catnip dough, making a grid pattern. (This will make perfect, cat sized, square treats.) Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes. Let cool, then break up treats and serve. Keep unused treats refrigerated. 


This recipe is part of the Eat Stay Sit cookbook for humans and pets with the proceeds benefiting homeless pets.
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