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Did you say Specialty Litter? Litter to solve your problems and save your cats life.

Did you say specialty litter, what is that? That's right even the most well seasoned cat owner may not of heard of these litter secrets.
At some point or another we all will face some sort of issue with our litter boxes. Thankfully there is a endless supply of all different types and kinds of litter additives and specialty litters.
One of the most famous specialty litter brands is by Dr. Elsey.
Who is Dr Elsey? Dr. Elsey has been a feline only veterinarian for over 35 years and cares for over 8,000 cats. He designed a exclusive line of products dedicated to the many issues cat owners face when it comes to the litter box.
Unfortunately litter box problems is the number one reason cats are taken to shelters or are abused and abandoned.
Let's dive right into the list of these awesome products that many pet owners and shelters use everyday.

Specialty Litters and Additives

Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Cat Litter
This litter uses a herbal base to draw your cat to the litter box. What is great is you do not have to use the entire bag. Most problems can be solved by filling your litter box with your usual brand and adding a thin layer on top of cat attract. This can typically do the trick. If it does not you still have two more stages which include doing a half and half, half of your brand of litter and half cat attract. The final stage would include the entire litter box being filled with cat attract. This is only if your cat has still denied using the litter box after trying stage one and two.

Dr. Elsey's Senior Cat Litter
This litter is perfect for Senior, Arthritic, Overweight and Pregnant cats. These types of cats and condition's typically require a change in litter and it isn't always easy to find a safe alternative. This litter is safe if inhaled or ingested. This litter also uses a herbal base to attract and non toxic biodegradable silica gel crystals to bring cats into the litter box. The silica crystals takes moisture away from the cats hair to keep them fresh and clean. This litter also prevents kidney failure and urinary track infections.

Dr Elsey's Kitten Attract Cat Litter
This formula is specifically for training a kitten. So what is the difference between this and the original cat attract? This formula uses a kitten specific natural herbal attractant and texture. The texture is designed for a kittens tender paws. It is also all natural and is 99.5% dust free for a kittens developing respiratory system.

Dr. Elsey's Touch Of Outdoors Cat Litter
That't right this litter brings a touch of outdoors inside into your litter box. This litter contains field grown prairie grasses and uses natural chlorophyll for odor control. It also includes stress reducing herbs. This litter is perfect for cats who use the bathroom indoors and out and also a great training tool for cats who need to become house broken after living outdoors for a extended period of time.

Dr. Elsey's Respiratory Relief Cat Litter
  This hypoallergenic litter contains no plant proteins with a extremely low dust percentage at 99.9% dust free. It also contains stress reducing herbal essence. This litter is wonderful for a sensitive cat or even cat breeds that commonly have respiratory issues. Not only is this great for cats but also for humans who may have bad allergy's and asthma.

Making sure your cat is healthy and happy starts with a clean litter box. Just like you flush your toilet your cats litter box should be checked and cleaned daily. This helps to keep track of your cats eliminations.

Extra Advice:
A closed litter box can be subject to ammonia overload. If you own a litter box with a lid or a enclosure, take time out to smell the inside with out removing the lid or enclosure. If you can barely handle the ammonia smell, imagine how your cat feels. Having proper ventilation for a litter box is extremely important besides clean litter. You can potentially give your cat respiratory issues if your litter box builds up in ammonia.

Picture Note:
Maahes is using a Litter Spinner Litter Box in the picture above, you may find more information and colors on this product by clicking the link below.
Litter Spinner Litter Box


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