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How to Kitten Proof Your Home

One of the good rules of thumb to apply here is to think about having a toddler around, only a toddler in miniature size – mobile, curious but tiny!  This means that you need to consider your home in terms of potential kitty hazards before the kitten gets too old and “into everything”.  Although there is something that you’d have to do to create a safe home for your toddler that aren’t necessary...

How to do a Weekly Health Check on your Cat

Although you don’t need to take your cat to the vet more than once a year – unless of course they get sick or injured – there are steps you can take in order to ensure that your cat is in good health.

On a weekly basis, set aside about 5-10 minutes to examine various parts of the cat that can highlight the start of any health issue.

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Call kitty to you. Watch how your cat moves. Is...

Flu Season and Cats

It is officially cold and flu season. But how many of us love to cuddle up to our furry companions when we are sick? This leaves us to ask the question, Can cats catch the flu?

The answer is YES, cats can catch the flu from humans. But let us not confuse this with feline calicivirus infections, humans however can not catch this virus that is transferred from cat to cat. This virus is completely...

Is World's Best Cat Litter, "The Best Cat Litter"?

Is World's Best Cat Litter, "The Best Cat Litter"?

While browsing the monstrosity of litter brands you may of came across a brand called, World's Best Cat Litter. If the name alone did not grab your attention the price tag may have. A twenty eight pound bag can run you around twenty five united states dollars or more. Compared to many of its competitors this is expensive. But the real question is,...

Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball Review With Two Cats

Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball Review

Retails for around 30USD
Basic Information About The Jackson Butterfly Ball
Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball Cat Toy Cats love to chase, and this butterfly ball will keep them on the move. The ball creates satisfying hunt play with its sensor-activated action that sets the butterfly fluttering within the ball when pushed by a stalking cat. It's exercise for your...

Is Your Cat Drinking Enough Water?

How often do you pay attention to your cats water bowl? Is it everyday or whenever you see the water is low? 
Do you actually know if your cat is drinking enough water?

Unfortunately these questions never tend to come to mind until a trip to the vet. A cats water bowl is the number one overlooked part of your cats life.

Let's start off with how much water your cat should be drinking. Cats should be...

Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree Review

Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree Review

Cats love to eat. Cats can already have food but still want more when they know its close to feeding time. Cats can also inhale or stress eat which can cause diarrhea or vomiting. 

With so many products on the market you never know which one to try first. I went looking for a slow feeder for a cat. Not to my surprise most were for dogs but also had cat labeled as...

Top 5 Best And Unique Cat Scratchers

Cats love to scratch and claw, that is not a hidden fact. What is a hidden fact is we seem to always purchase what has been deemed as a good cat scratching product. But how long do these products last and did your cat actually use them?
Quality vs Quantity is what keeps pet owners from having to constantly replace products your cat uses often. One of those items being the all mighty cat scratcher....

Cat Proofing Your Home Top 3 Cat Problems

So your furry bundle of joy likes to get into everything. It's time to cat proof your home not only for the safety of your cat but to prevent any unnecessary aggression and hostility you can bring into play.
That's right you can actually make things worse by constantly yelling or chasing after your cat. So its time for a compromise in the household.
Let's start cat proofing your home. Cat proofing...

Summer Treats And Games For Your Cat

Summer and fun in the sun is here. While you may be planing your next vacation or family barbecue this summer don't forget about your feline companion. While your cat may not be able to partake in all the outdoor partying and vacations, it doesn't mean you can't create a summer party just for them or maybe make this a part of your next house party. 

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Summer Cat Games


Did you say Specialty Litter? Litter to solve your problems and save your cats life.

Did you say specialty litter, what is that? That's right even the most well seasoned cat owner may not of heard of these litter secrets.
At some point or another we all will face some sort of issue with our litter boxes. Thankfully there is a endless supply of all different types and kinds of litter additives and specialty litters.
One of the most famous specialty litter brands is by Dr. Elsey.

Creating a cat garden can bring happiness and longer lives for you and your cat

Can you believe it, the key to happiness is through plant life. Add your feline companion in the mix and you may just achieve the holy grail of happiness.
Research suggests that having plants around you is beneficial to your health and productivity relative to a barren environment. This goes for us humans and our cats. Let's take a look first at some of the benefits before we dive into creating...