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Bringing The World Together One Cat At A Time

IHOC is located in Las Vegas Nevada USA. Our foundation is based around the idea of reuniting mankind. Our mission statement is, "Bringing The World Together One Cat At A Time." We are helping bridge the gap between people of all nations with the love of cats. We encourage others and those that follow us on social media to discuss and share their cats. In hopes of healing that gap with unity and understanding. Including our cat blog and shop of International Cats, everyone can be social, find facts and strategies and take a look at our exclusive cat art. Don't forget our free game Playful Kitty and be sure to check out some of our international feline friends on our friends page and feel free to share anytime.

Do we give back to our Purrtastic Crew?

Yes we do, and so will you. When you purchase a item from us you will be asked to choose a charity from our drop down menu and we will donate 10% of the purchase to that charity. If you are a Animal Rescue / Shelter or Animal Charity or would just like more information please see our PR / Disclaimer page to see how we can help.

Lastly with any online community there must be rules. We do not support or encourage any type of negativity or hate but we do encourage healthy discussions. You can find our policies on all of our sites and social media platforms under PR / Disclaimer. 

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